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"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." – Ursula K. Le Guin

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The Myth of Perfect Conditions

I was toying with writing an apology post to my readers. A post that  would explain why I haven’t been posting daily; sort of an excuse post.  Each time I started to write it, it made me think about life  and how many of us wait for conditions to be perfect before we do something.

Allow me to explain.  My husband and I moved overseas for his job back in October. Beginning in June, we have had a steady stream of visitors, World Cup antics, and traveling. It has been amazing! We love seeing our friends and family whom we haven’t seen for a year (in most cases), and we love throwing ourselves into travel and local cultural experiences.  With that comes a change in routine and, since we have such limited time with family, a change in priorities.

That said, a daily yoga and meditation practice is important to me. However, I couldn’t maintain it the same way as I can when circumstances are different. I had to be flexible and accept that sometimes things look differently than I think they should. It was a wonderful lesson.

I learned that sometimes a few sun salutations are sufficient. I learned that meditation can be done anywhere, at anytime! It couldn’t be sitting for 20 minutes each day on my cushion. It needed to be in the shower, driving, eating new foods (oh, Spain, I love your food), or simply listening to people talk. All of that counts!  While I won’t stop my long yoga sessions or long meditation sessions, working what I could do into my day made me see how this fits in all areas of our lives.

We don’t need conditions to be “perfect” in order to maintain a yoga or meditation practice. Conditions are never “perfect” and sometimes, a change in conditions can teach us to work with our practice in a different way.

Today’s Opportunity for Mindfulness: Examine if you have any beliefs about your meditation or yoga practice that keep you from practicing.  Look for conditions you place on yourself or your practice and challenge them. Work around them and see if there are other lessons to be learned or ways you can grow from the new experience.

What you do today is what you do with your life!